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Sherfield-on-Loddon, Hampshire


St Leonards Christmas Carol Trail


Carol Singing in the time of Pandemic!  It will be difficult this year to gather together in our groups and sing carols together, so why not join our Christmas Carol Trail?  Starting from the 12th December, you can follow our trails to sing carols and read of the Nativity Story. Look for our posters on the trails, with words to the carols and a QR code linking you to the music.  Take your family for a walk, remember to bring your phone to make the link, and just enjoy the chance to sing or listen to the music.

We will have 4 trails of around 20 – 30 mins depending on how long you sing/enjoy the music for, and these are the starting points:

Sherfield Park – the Community Centre area

Sherfield on Loddon – the Village Hall

Wildmoor Loop – the Church End Telephone Box

Hartley Wespall – at the church

You will find the directions to the following poster on each one, and it will stop at 9!


St Leonards Church Bethlehem Bedroll


Help us spread more cheer to the Food Bank this Christmastime. All through December, we are asking you to add an extra package to the Food Bank collections at the Shop in Sherfield on Loddon, and the Community Centre in Sherfield Park. Time to clear your shelves of toiletries and make a helpful donation. Our request is that you collect together those personal care items that can sometimes feel like a luxury, items such as shampoo, toothpaste and brush, soap, creams, antiperspirant and so forth. Perhaps you can wrap them in a face flannel or hand towel? Roll them together and pop them into a freezer or paper bag, together with a label saying Bethlehem Bedroll. The bags/Bethlehem Bedrolls can be placed in the Food Bank collection points.  The Food Bank have told us this would be a very special collection at this time and it is an extra way of giving support.  If appropriate, please mark the bag Male, Female or Child to help them sort the packages out.